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Judge, Presiding. The trial court sentenced him to 30 months of probation with various conditions.

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Moreover, defendant is not exposed to the possibility of double jeopardy. Oldder final argument on appeal is that section is facially overbroad because it reaches speech protected by the first amendment. In addition, she often referred to her school obligations and schedule.

Defendant first contends that the State womwn to prove that he "knowingly solicited he believed to be under the age of In fact, defendant admitted that nothing specific in their communications made him think that she was lying about her age. On April 10,defendant illinos charged by indictment with two counts of indecent solicitation of ij. Nevertheless, "this does not mean that a defendant who wishes to rely on the entrapment defense cannot plead not guilty and force the State to its proof on all the elements of the offense.

Gillespie, Ill. People v. Defendant denied that GirlinIL had sent him a picture. A defendant who raises entrapment as an affirmative defense necessarily admits to committing the crime, im because of improper governmental inducement. He again referred to having a baby with her and stated that he always wanted to "cum" inside of her, even if she were not taking birth control pills.

A charging instrument is to be read as a whole, and where a statute is cited sex chat with older women in illinois a count, the statute and count are to be read together.

The trial court sentenced him to 30 months of probation with various conditions. At p. In applying this standard, our role is not to retry the defendant. More recently, in Smith, Ill.

Engaging youth and their communities

Lewis, 84 Ill. We disagree. Here, defendant relies on Ashcroft v. They discussed meeting at a local shopping mall, although GirlinIL stated that she could not meet on a school night. We conclude that any variance between the indictment and the proof at trial was neither material nor prejudicial to defendant. The Court also rejected the argument that virtual child pornography whets the appetites of pedophiles and encourages them to engage in illegal conduct, since the case involved no solicitation and the government had shown no more than a remote connection between the speech and any resulting child abuse.

Despite the misidentification of the victim, the court in Santiago held that the variance in the information was sex chat with older women in illinois fatal to the conviction because the defendant did not sustain any prejudice, the mistake did not affect his defense, and double jeopardy prevented the defendant from being subjected to a second trial.

Rather, he communicated that he would keep their relationship "secret" because of their ages, and that people would think that they were "father and daughter or relatives.

Recognizing the vital distinction between words and deeds, the Ashcroft Court clearly stated that the government may suppress speech that " 'is directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action and is likely to incite or produce such action. Then, he admitted that he was there to meet a girl named Loren, whom he had met online under the screen name "GirlinIL. Although defendant makes a general claim that he was prejudiced in preparing his defense, he does not explain how he was prejudiced, and we find no evidence to support his claim.

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See People v. Defendant decided to go to the mall to do some shopping and see what she looked like. Nevertheless, even if, arguendo, defendant had properly raised the defense of entrapment, we would reject his argument. The evidence supports the trial court's finding that defendant believed GirlinIL to be under the age of Section clearly prohibits speech that solicits minors to engage in sexual activity with adults.

In determining whether a statute is overbroad, the overbreadth must be substantial before a statute regulating conduct will be invalidated on its face. In reaching this conclusion, we note that defendant's reliance on People v. Defendant indicated that people would think they "were father and daughter or relatives. Accordingly, in reading the language in the count and the statute together, we determine that the indictment's reference to a "child he believed to be under the age of 17," rather than "one whom he believed to be ," was not material.

Sex chat with older women in illinois

Pergeson, Ill. In the statement, defendant repeatedly indicated that they would not have had sex unless she were oldeer least 18 years old. Kristin15IL informed defendant that she was 15 years old and defendant represented that he was During the instant message conversation, defendant asked GirlinIL whether she liked older men.

Defendant stated that he was 44 years old. For the aforementioned reasons, we affirm the judgment of the circuit court of Lake County.

Since she had told him illknois she was 18, he assumed that she went to college. Thus, there was ample evidence to support the finding that defendant believed GirlinIL to be under the age of Smith, Ill. I don't feel the need to always be ditching the kids and going out, but I do like to find a sitter and go out with other adults as well!

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Citing Ruppenthal, the court stated that "[m]erely because [his] communications were transmitted to an adult does not negate his belief he was communicating with a minor, which is an aspect of the culpability defined by the statute. Our research reveals two Illinois cases that have addressed first amendment challenges to section In Durdin, the defendant was convicted of delivering cocaine within 1, feet of a school, although the parties stipulated that the controlled substance at issue was heroin.

However, the statute applies only to seex who "knowingly" target minors for the purpose of illegal conduct.